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Schuller Kitchens, London

Agile as time, varied as life, reliable as a friend – these are the kitchens of today. Made to enjoy, intended as a meeting place, as a communication centre, as the centre of life.

Made in Germany.

Quality. A kitchen's quality can easily be seen by looking at design and surfaces. However, real high-quality workmanship, guaranteeing the kitchen‘s high durability and lifetime, is often invisible for the buyer, hidden behind the front surface.

Design features. Consistent line management, new materials and surfaces, new shapes, new colours. Because the product kitchen is more than just a functional item. At the same time it represents an optical furniture element requiring visible development efforts in design: On both sides of the front.

Storage space. 6 Wall unit: Carcase depth 35 cm – more storage space even for pizza plates 7 Six different wall unit heights: 39, 52, 65, 71,5, 78 and 91 cm 8 Four carcase depths with 35, 46, 56 and 66 cm

Ergonomics. Two base unit heights
1 71,5 cm for body height from approx. 150 cm
2 Constructional height 78 cm for body height from approx. 174 cm
3 Five different plinth heights for ideal ergonomics without surcharge: 10, 12,5, 15, 17,5 and 20 cm 4 Optimum adaptation to space and person 5 Different recess heights

Front range. The front gives your kitchen a personal face – according to your taste, according to your needs. There are foil and plastic fronts, lacquer and acrylic surfaces up to and including real glass. With and without handles, truly customisable solutions.

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    Kitchens for

    modern living

    Our highly qualified experienced design team will work with your individual needs to create a design that is custom fit to match your lifestyle and be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

    • Variety of kitchen cabinetry
    • Supplying the leading kitchen brands
    • Accommodate a broad range of budgets
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