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London Supplier of German Kitchens

If you are looking for that special kitchen, or you’ve seen a German kitchen design that you have fallen in love with, we can certainly help. Harper Kitchens are pleased to offer a number of German kitchens to our customers in London.

If you have a German kitchen design or idea that you would like to discuss with us, please call us on 020 3637 1266.

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Why Choose German Kitchens?

If you want the best German kitchens at reasonable prices, visit us through our website and we can provide you with a range of services for your residence or commercial establishment. In the showroom, you can appreciate various layouts of German kitchens that can be adapted to fit your allocated space. Plus, we offer our various services to customers all over the United Kingdom.

Some of the German kitchen solutions you can find include high quality cabinetry, shelving concepts, and lighting. You will find a wide variety of German kitchen solutions to fit many lifestyles and home motifs.

Moreover, the vast range of elegant-looking kitchens feature customisable designs and flexible pricing structures to create a kitchen made with durable materials, built to your preferences and specifications, and developed through stringent quality standards.

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Why German Kitchens?

If you choose a German kitchen for your property, you are guaranteed of peace of mind. German quality, craftsmanship, and standards are renowned all over the world.
As such, our kitchens are made using cutting-edge techniques. Down to the millimeter, our precision kitchens feature rigid cabinets and sturdy drawers, shelving, drawer runners, and hinges that will last you a lifetime.

Plus, you kitchen is custom-made according to your specifications and preferred design. To guarantee your kitchen’s durability and to ensure excellent quality, it will be inspected multiple times on the production line.

Each accessory, surface, worktop, and door used in your German kitchen will go through rigorous testing so your kitchen is guaranteed to last you a long time. If you want durable and beautiful German kitchens, you’ll do well by choosing us to provide you with such.


Your German kitchen is made possible with our wealth of products that you can choose from. Based on your design and our suggestions, we will guide you through your choice of cabinet and drawer fronts. Your kitchen doors, cabinets, and drawers are the most visible parts of your German kitchen. Thus, you need to spend a lot of time choosing your kitchen fronts.

Handles can make or break your kitchen’s look. Whether you need handles that are discreet or elegant, we have them for you. Your choice of handles goes a long way in terms of kitchen design success. We have all kinds of handle designs — from minimalist contemporary to traditional.

When it comes to worktops, our design specialists can run you through numerous options. Whether you are on the lookout for an easy-to-care, practical, and hard-wearing worktop from our range of granite tops, synthetic stone, or laminates, we have for you myriad choices of profiles, finishes, and colors.

Finishing Touches

As your cabinets in your German kitchen are complemented with dazzling handles and worktops, it’s not just a kitchen yet without the accessories that make it fully functional. You need your kitchen to come together with the right taps and sinks, lighting, the must-have gadgets, and appliances like range hoods, ovens, stovetops, and even microwave ovens or food processors.

Visit our showroom now and let our specialists help you. If your kitchen is still bare, we’ll visit your site and see what is needed, or you can give us an idea with measurements and we’ll help you modify your plan. Afterwards, we’ll give you a complimentary quote for your German kitchen.

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